Don’t Call It A Comeback

I’m back! After a quick two week hiatus I’m back. A whole lot when I was gone. From Cinderella stories to upsets to surprise signings to new players emerging in Yankee camp and wrecking my 25 man roster predictions, the point is a lot went down. I’ll recap it all right now.

In my years of watching the NCAA tournament I’ve never seen anything like this year. For the first time in NCAA history there is a 9 v 11 tonight for a spot in the final four. A 1 seeded Virginia lost to a 16th seeded UMBC and the cinderellas showed up this year.

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Props to Kansas State, Marshall, Syracuse, UMBC and Buffalo for proving anyone can win in March. The big Cinderella though? Sister Jean. The 98 year old one the hearts of the world as she follows her team Loyola Chicago to a  final four appearance in this years tournament. Go Loyola!

NFL  Free agency has calmed down. Tyrann Matheiu joined JJ Watt in Houston. Jordy Nelson is in Oakland. Terrelle Pryor went to the Jets, and the Ndamukong Suh sweepstakes continues. The Jets made a franchise changing trade.  As for the Yankees, in 25 in 25 I said Miguel Andujar would make the roster and I was wrong. Yet I’m not disappointed because Tyler Wade has been one of my favorite young players and now he’ll be in the Bronx which is awesome.

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So that’s a shortened version of what happened the past two weeks in sports and expect more articles coming this week!

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