Dissecting the Yankees Opening Day Lineup

I’ve been clamoring all offseason to bat Judge 1st. Analytics say to put your best batters up as many times as you can throughout the game and season, but with Bird out batting Gardner 1st is the right move. Judge hit 2nd last year during the magical run and it makes sense not to shake up things out of the gate. What I really like is that Boone put his best in Giancarlo hitter at 3. Then Aaron decided to hit Gary 4th, which makes perfect sense. Protect your best hitter by surrounding him with absolute studs. We have Aaron Hicks at the 5 hole and it’s because they are going up against a lefty in J.A. Happ and Didi bats on the left side of the plate. The Muffin Man will bat 7th, followed by Neil Walker and Tyler Austin. Honestly these guys are interchangeable to me at the moment. They have to show us what they are working with before I can start dissecting 7, 8, and 9.

Sevy is on the mound and of course this is the right move. He was 3rd in AL Cy Young voting last season. The kid is a stud.

Game time is 3:30 pm in Toronto, Canada. Happy Opening Day friends.

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