Broadway Baker

Broadway Baker? flows right. The reigning Heisman trophy winner is a talented player and a natural leader and fueled with a competitive drive. Kind of like Joe Namath. Baker and the Jets is a match that seems to perfect not to happen. For the record, I am not saying this will happen, it is just a good fit and there are three reasons why.


The Personality and The Passion

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Many will say him planting the flag in Ohio State’s field after their win and his provocative gesture towards the Kansas Football sideline are signs of ignorance, I disagree. Baker shows maturity and passion. He is not afraid to speak his mind and that would fit in perfect in the New York media. The media here is ruthless as we have seen and a guy who shows his true colors is perfectly built for the atmosphere. His actions in the past, although questionably show a lot of passion. The guy has a drive to play football and would give his all for the game.



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Baker, has seen the players change around him and has been able to elevate him to a higher level which is exactly what the Jets need and it is a trait many teams admire. He has seen players come and go and he could have been one of the ones that left too but instead he stayed for all his years of school and elevated Oklahoma to the playoffs twice and kept them competitive through head coaching changes as well. It would have been easy for him to head to the pros but he stayed faithful to Oklahoma.

The Trade & The Aftermath Of It

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The trade showed the world that the Jets wanted a QB and afterwards the comments shed a light that there guy could be Baker. Coach Bowles said they are looking for accuracy, competitiveness and leadership. Check, check and check. The guy the Jets have worked out the most? Baker. It all could be a smoke screen but I feel the Jets really like Baker. One exec believes the Jets traded up to guarantee they’d get Baker. I do not think that is true, I think as I have said before that the deal was made with the ideal they had their top 3 players and they insured they would get one of them. The player will most likely be a QB. Baker would be welcome.


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