Appointment TV is Back in the Bronx!

Over the past ten years, to me, the Yankees have had a few cases of “I need to watch this guy bat every time he is up.” Those guys were: Mark Teixeira during the 2009 season, first year with the Yanks; Curtis Granderson during the 2011 campaign, second year with Yanks; Gary Sanchez during his rookie season; and last year with Aaron Judge.

Teix and Grandy finished second and fourth, respectively, in the AL MVP race for those monster seasons; Gary pummeled 20 homers in only 53 games; Judge, as we know, set the Bronx on fire with a record-breaking, Rookie of the Year winning season last year. All four had electric years and truly motivated myself and other Yankee fans to be in front of a TV during their at-bats.

I know its only been one game – and what a game it was! –  for Giancarlo Stanton, but I think we’re already at that level of “appointment television.” You often see numbers on the back of a baseball card and follow a player from afar and realize they’re freakin’ awesome. However, those numbers don’t do Stanton justice when you get to watch the player on an everyday basis. Health permitting, Stanton’s 2018 season could seriously push into the conversation as best Yankee season ever.


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