25 In 25: Miguel Andujar

Thanks to Miguel Andujar, I got this job so obviously I have some favoritism towards him. That isn’t the only reason I like Andujar. Miguel is a special player. He’s got strong power and is an athletic player. Miguel has worked hard on his craft and now seems poised to make a strong run at the Majors this season.


Offensively Andujar doesn’t slack. Hitting around .315 between AA and AAA last season he didn’t disappoint. He also hit 16 homers and had 82 RBIs. The point is simple Andujar is talented on offense. Last season in his debut he went 3-4 with 4 RBIs. Andujar has shown a lot of potential to be a strong bat in the lineup in this season and maybe in the future.


I will keep this short. Andujar is phenomenal on offense but on defense he needed some work according to many. Andujar worked hard just like Sanchez this offseason so hopefully he shows a little more defensively in spring training because he’s dominating at the plate right now.


Similar to Jimmy’s article about The Muffin Man, I can’t predict Andujar’s stats due to the fact him and Drury and Gleyber are competing for 2 starting sports currently. My prediction for 3rd Base at this point would be Andujar.



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