25 In 25: Jacoby Ellsbury

        Before I dive into Ellsbury, yesterday I said I predicted Andujar to win the 3rd base job and I see Drury winning the second base job due to the fact that the Yankees can keep Gleyber for an extra year if he is still in the minors for a certain amount of time similar to what the Cubs did with Kris Bryant.

    Now for Jacoby Ellsbury. Jacoby will make the roster as the highest paid 5th outfielder. I’m not gonna sit here and rip on Ellsbury this whole article. I respect him a lot and in certain situations he has proved to be a asset. Yet, in other situations he has shown that he is one of Cashman’s biggest mistakes.

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Last season Jacoby hit .264 with 94 hits, 65 runs scored and 39 RBIs. In big situations he’s shown he can help the Yankees but in the long run he’s just a cap causality. I’ll reiterate my thought from above, I respect Jacoby but he needs to go. He’s a wall sitting in the way of Clint Frazier and Tyler Wade, and eventually Estevan Florial. Cashman is a excellent general manager and the best thing he could do is maybe pair Ellsbury with one or two of our top 10 prospects in exchange for a young arm.

Jacoby has had a phenomenal career, he will be on the 25 man roster as a backup, he can come up and do good for us if we need him but I think many people will agree it may be time that he heads elsewhere. It’s better for him and for the Yankees, if they part ways.

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