25 in 25: Aaron Hicks

Aaron Hicks is an extremely underrated player. Last season the play that sticks in my mind of his was his clutch home run against the Red Sox. In 2017 he went from a surprise acquisition in exchange for John Ryan Murphy to a breakout stud last season.


Aaron hit .266 with 52 RBIs, 15 HRs, and 80 hits. He also recorded one of the fastest throws in MLB history. The guy has an absolute hose for an arm, he has great skills at the plate and he spent the whole off season only getting stronger.


Its hard to identify major weaknesses for Hicks. I would say he could use some more work at the plate, due to the depth of outfielders the Yankees had in 2017 combined with his injury last season.



BA: .271

Hits: 93

RBIs; 72

HRs: 24

I think Hicks will see a big increase in his production this season due to the work he has put in, the likely increased playing time and the guys around him.

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