Should Be An Interesting Final Round of the Honda Classic Tomorrow

So the golf season is starting ramp back up.  The Honda Classic and basically all the March tournaments are used to snag low hanging FedEx Cup points by competing in fields without every big name in golf playing and to tune up for The Masters, golf’s first major tournament, April 5th – April 8th.  The tournaments this time of year don’t rotate sites so players get real familiar with these tracks.

This made the lack of low scores so surprising.  After two rounds of play last year in the Honda, there were 46 players -4 or better and this year there were only six.  Here’s how the leaderboard sits after three rounds.

No clue who Luke List is but I’d be shocked if he hangs on to this lead.  Which should make tomorrow all the more interesting.  One of the best parts of watching golf is watching people lose the tournament.  Almost as entertaining as watching someone win a tournament.

And it’s not that I’m trying to hate on Luke List.  I love watching guys win for the first time on Tour.  But it is just so entertaining watching guys fall apart.  Makes your skin crawl with nerves and anxiety.  You get the close up camera angles of the player checking out the leaderboard and having to listen to the roars of the crowd as players ahead of him make birdies.  Such a fucking rush.

Luke List is on the verge of winning his first PGA tournament and jump out to a great start in the FedEx standings.  Basically achieve his dream of being a professional golfer.  Awesome storyline right?

Well he’s also got these guys chasing him.

Tommy Fleetwood just holing out from 140 yards out for eagle, no big deal.

Fleetwood also just throwing darts from 283 yards away.  I can’t even hit a driver that far without help.  Quick side note, the over use of Shot Tracker is phenomenal.  Greatest advancement in sports watching technology.  Pretty sure i just invented that category but it is absolutely tits because PGA Tour can then do this at the end of the day.

That right there is golf porn.

So Tommy Fleetwood is coming in hot AF.  But the guy that has to be the favorite to win will be the guy playing with List in the final pairing, Justin Thomas, ever heard of him he’s kind of a big deal, who made six (6) birdies today.  .

Thomas is a super aggressive player and will most definitely be firing at pins tomorrow.  He will absolutely make Luke List earn a win.  Or maybe not.  It doesn’t really matter what happens tomorrow which is what makes golf so unique/ fucking awesome.  Whether there’s drama coming down to the final holes or someone just flat out runs away with it tomorrow’s golf coverage is going to be awesome because the weather is starting to turn, The Masters is right around the corner, and oh yeah, this guy is playing pretty competitively again…

Coverage tomorrow is Golf Channel 1-2:45PM and CBS 3-6PM.


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