OBJ Wants To Play 0 Preseason Snaps…Sort Of

This tweet was in response to a fan asking that Odell not play a single snap in preseason. Beckham hasn’t played in a while due to his season-ending injury back in October and doesn’t want to play in the preseason. I wouldn’t let him if I were Pat Shurmur. What’s the point?

In preseason you are supposed to get your timing down with the QB. But Eli and Odell know eachother well enough at this point. If Odell doesn’t feel 100%, keep him out until we need him to catch balls that matter.


Obviously Odell was attacked by numerous people on the Internet for his “0” tweet. But we have to remember the kid is just 25 years old.

When you’re under a magnifying glass stuff like this will happen. Whether or not he meant what he tweeted, people need to learn to relax especially when we are 6 months away from the preseason. His last tweet says it all.


Love the self-awareness by Odell. As long as you can own up to your own mistakes, you’re good in my book.

At the end of the day, there is nothing to talk about during late February in the media. People will try to make up stories in order for them to cover their weekly football show, or their radio segment. Odell just needs to get healthy. Physically and mentally if he is there there, #13 is a top 3 receiver in the NFL.

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