NCAA Basketball Is Corrupt

The definition of corrupt is doing something for money and or personal gain, thus the NCAA is corrupt.

A few days ago the University Of Louisville was stripped of their 2013 NCAA Championship due to recruiting violations. One violation includes Andre McGee who was a former player, assistant coach and head of basketball operations paying 10,000 dollars for hookers to be sent to the dorms of players.

Then, today Yahoo announced that the FBI has found over 20 programs and over a dozen players that were involved in recruiting violations. Violations range from entertainment like stated earlier, meals, payments and travel expenses. The way this worked was Andy Miller (NBA Agent) and his associate Christian Dawkins of ASM agencies would pay for all of the things previously listed and give payments to players so that the players would sign with these schools with the hope that their agency would sign those players in the future.

The schools involved are Kentucky, Duke, UNC, NC State, Michigan State, Kansas, Seton Hall, Washington, USC And Texas. Some players involved that have been named, 2017 first overall pick Markelle Fultz, Dennis Smith Jr, Kyle Lowry, Kyle Kuzma, Isaiah Whitehead, and Miles Bridges.

What It Means 

The schools involved are the gold standard of college basketball and some of the players involved that have already been listed are big names. The thing is I understand travel expenses and meals, and even entertainment but when players accept payments that is a huge violation.

So now what happens? The ideal moral situation is that this makes a change resulting in players being allowed to have agents and that all those teams would be banned from the tournament for this season. Yet that is not what will happen.

The NCAA is a business, just like if a music company were to ban their top draw from performing right before the Grammys, it doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint. From a moral standpoint it’s wrong to allow these programs to play but the NCAA’s biggest money maker is the NCAA tournament. When your biggest draws are not in the tournament then the NCAA would not gain the money they usually do. The NCAA kept this all under wraps so they wouldn’t lose their billions and the only reason this came out was because the FBI got involved.

What Happens Next

It’s simple, if the NCAA wants to maintain the minimal respect they currently cling onto then they will suspend the teams and change the rules so that the players get payed for what they provide. Without the players the NCAA is nothing but a business with no assets. The NCAA needs to respect their players.


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