Grading The Move – Giants Hire Mike Shula As OC


First thing’s first, this move was never going to move the needle unless it was a terrible move. This is Pat Shurmur’s offense. It was the reason we hired the Shurminator in the first place. Mike Shula knows this was hired essentially to coach the quarterbacks. Shula will not be calling the plays.

Mike Shula is a good coordinator and he has football ingrained in his blood. If the name Shula doesn’t ring a bell, his dad is one of the greatest coaches of all-time.

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Like father like son? Well, not yet. But, Mike Shula by now knows the grind. Wake up, go to the office, stay there til midnight, hey maybe even sleep at MetLife. He probably will be mentoring Josh Rosen soon, and I am here for that. And even though Cam Newton is to mostly to thank for offensive explosion during the 2015 season, Shula was still there guiding him along.

At the end of the day, if this was the route that GM Dave Gettleman wanted to go, then I’m going to trust him.

Grade: 7.7

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