FanFiction – CJ Mosley Is a New York Giant

I was minding my business coming back from my third round of dollar scratch offs at Cross Street Market. He was chilling with his friends watching college basketball. Suddenly a new budding friendship occurred.


CJ Mosley is a good guy. A young, hungry (he was eating food) 3x Pro Bowl linebacker just like us! Sitting with civilians! Watching sports! Furthermore, he respects intellect and higher learning! I may have concluded that by his Harvard hoodie and Alabama winter hat but nonetheless… I went over to him, and he was starstruck.


“Yes CJ, it’s really me.” He smiled.

“Would you mind if I said fire fire fire for the camera? It’s always been a dream of mine.”

I responded suddenly, “Of course but can you give me a moment.”

I walked over to put my Giants hoodie on. I knew at that moment I incepted his mind the same way he intercepted Matt Moore back in October,,,, for a touchdown.

CJ Mosley still has one year left on his contract. But let me tell you something, he’s going to be a New York Giant in 2019. Did he tell me it was definite? He didn’t have to.

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