Do The Yankees Need To Counter The JD Martinez Move?

5-years $110 million for JD Martinez. I hate to say it, but that is a great move by the Red Sox. I’m not saying that I think it’s something the Yankees can’t overcome, but it definitely went from the Yankees being the favorite in the AL East to a flip of the coin with that splash. Now the question is, how does Cashman retaliate? Can we happily go into the season with Gleyber, Andujar, and Torreyes in the infield after that move?

I would have said yes before the JD signing. I was ready to see Andujar mash and Gleyber come up after 15 games while Torreyes got some early at-bats. But now, I think a move must be made. I think the action to take is signing Mike Moustakas to a short-term deal. I know the Yankees are good enough to make the playoffs without “Moose” but I want the AL East Title. We all saw how important home-field advantage was lat year. Without it, the road to a ring is exponentially more difficult.

The Yankees have approximately $19 million in available funds before encroaching upon the dreaded luxury tax threshold for next season, so it will be extremely interesting to see what Cashman will do. To be honest I’m happy Boston signed Martinez. Not only is it great for baseball, but now the Red Sox won’t have anything to cry about when we whoop them this year.

Even if the Yankees don’t end up signing anyone, I will always trust in Cashman. If he wants to wait until July to make another move, then so be it.

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