Dan Snyder Doing Dan Snyder Things AKA Being a Scumbag

Via profootballtalk.com -A.J. McCarron may not be the only quarterback who secures his freedom via the NFL’s grievance process.

Albert Breer of SI.com reports that, if Washington applies the franchise tag to Kirk Cousins for a third straight year, “his camp will quickly file a grievance to block the tag, based on Washington violating the spirit of the rules, which dictate that players are tagged as a mechanism for teams to buy time in getting a long-term deal done.”

Danny, Danny, Danny… what on Earth are you trying to pull here. Seems like Mr. Snyder is trying to reach into that old bag of tricks he has. Not this time Daniel. Not on my watch.

So Dan the Man obviously read my blog about how desperately bad the Jets need a QB and are in a position to significantly over pay for one and that got him thinking. If the Jets are really that desperate then maybe I can get something out this after all. He just needed to find a way to remain in control of the rights to Cousins for another year.

Enter the Franchise Tag and Transition Tag.

If they Franchise Tag Cousins his 2018 salary would be $34.47 mil and the Transition Tag would pay Cousins $28.7 mil. Nothing to sneeze at and it raises Cousins’ value to a significant chunk of change.

Dan must have been so proud of himself when one of his underlings told him about this idea. The Redskins we’re going to Tag Cousins with no intention of signing him to a long term deal so that they could trade Cousins to a franchise who is so pathetically desperate for a QB that they’d give up anything and everything for a maybe Top 12 signal caller.

The plan was perfect. There was only one small detail. Article 4 Section 8 subsection (b) of the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement states:

“A Club extending a Required Tag must, for so long that Tender is extended, have a good faith intention to employ the player receiving the Tender at the Tender compensation level during the upcoming season.”

Wow. That’s a lot of words. Basically it says that you can’t use the Franchise/Transition Tags in the way Daniel Ocean Snyder and the R-Words want to. It’s not allowed. Can’t do it. But then again, the rule is dealing with intentions. How could anyone prove that Snyder and his family band intended to use the Tags in this illegal way?

Smash cut to ESPN’s “Super Sunday Splash Report”, which I’ve never heard of before, for this gem:

“Given the Super Sunday Splash Report! from ESPN that Washington is considering tagging Cousins so that it can trade him (a plan that on its face violates Article 4, Section 8, subsection (b)), Cousins could file his grievance now, forcing Washington to put its cards on the table well before March 7.”

Another day, another one of Dan Snyder’s evil plots to rule the NFL is foiled. All Tags must be assigned a week before the FA signing period begins so we’ll see where Snyder goes from here. One thing for sure is that it will be devious and it will blow up in his face and I’ll be watching. So I guess three things for sure.

Until next time, this has been an edition of CousinsWatch 2018.

Stay tuned.

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