Another Two Bite The Dust

   The New York Jets have released DE Muhamed Wilkerson and RB Matt Forte, decided to retire instead of most likely being released.

   Mo was a talented player but after he got his big money deal two years ago, it was as if he decided to sleep on the job. His usually outstanding pass rush disappeared and his passion to be a Jet seemed to fade as well. Eventually, it got so bad last season he didn’t show up to multiple team meetings resulting in Bowles benching him for the last four games. In Wilkersons defense, he was caught in a tough situation because his friends and teammates were purged in the last two seasons and he was left as one of the lone players from the past. Wilkerson became lazy and stopped caring and this all resulted in his big contract finally being taken off the books.

   As for Forte, his legacy with the Bears will never be forgotten and the mark he left on the game was large. Forte is a guy who should have gotten an opportunity to win a ring at least once in his career. Forte is a good character guy. I did not really enjoy him playing for the Jets due to the fact that there was youth behind him and Bowles gave most of the snaps to Forte. That certainly won’t be an issue now. Interesting story, when Forte signed with the Jets he had agreed to a verbal agreement with them and New England, being the typical villains they are tried to convince him to back out and join them for more money. Forte stayed and backed up his word even though he could have won multiple rings and made more money. I am very happy he went out on his own terms instead of them handing him his walking papers.

So now what? Well, the Jets now have over $100 million in cap space and can make runs at the guys they want like Cousins, Malcom Butler, Weston Richburg and Dion Lewis. The Jets also have an even bigger need for more pass rushers and could use a good back to pair with Powell and McGuire. The Jets have shown yet again the desire to become a younger team as a whole.

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