Cashman Still Considers Yankees Underdogs to Red Sox

Via NY Post – “They are the American League East champs so we are not on equal footing,’’ the Yankees’ general manager said Wednesday during a team workout at George M. Steinbrenner Field. “We were a wild card. They are the American League East champs and we are not. We are not on equal footing until we take it away from them.’’

I’m totally cool with Cashman coming out and saying this. Whether it is true or not isn’t the point. The point is to make your team want it more. We saw it with the Eagles; “Hungry dogs runs faster.” They took that mentality and used it against Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and that lose Matt Patricia who thought it was better off to go to the Lions than to coach the Giants.

If I were the GM of the Yankees I would be saying the same thing. Especially when he’s gonna start making so much noise come trade deadline that people will begin to bitch and whine that the only reason they win is because of the money they pay people. Let’s not act like these Red Sox aren’t paying 72 million dollars more than the Yankees currently.

The haters can bark all they want but $229 million payroll compared to the Yankees’ $157 million is a huge difference. I’m not saying that because I actually care what Boston spends. But let’s change this narrative that we are some juggernaut because Dave Dombrowski is out here training Hessians like the Red Coats.

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