Are You Buying The Limit On Mound Visits?

Because Chicago Cubs catcher Wilson Contreras is not, and he is not the only one. The new rule came out on Monday, with a limit of six meetings in the first nine innings. Each team will be granted an additional visit per inning after that. The early buzz is that umpires have the ability to eject players if they exceed the mound visit limit. Contreras gives no fucks about the rule,

“I don’t even care,” Contreras said Tuesday afternoon. “If I have to go [out there] again and pay the price for my team I will.”

“What about a tight game or an extra-inning game and you have to go out there?” he asked rhetorically. “They cannot say anything about that. That’s my team. If they are going to fine me for mound visit No. 7, I’ll pay the price.”

Houston Astros young right hander Lance McCullers Jr. took to twitter to express his feelings on the new rule.

Lance is pretty infamous for his mound visits and his pace of play.

At the end of the day, I understand where the players are coming from, especially the pitchers. Baseball is a historical game. The fans know what they are getting into when they pay $300 for a ticket. The game might take 3-4 hours, and if you are not fine with that, please go spend your money elsewhere. You can’t rush baseball. There is no “no-huddle” inning where pitchers get the ball from the catcher and immediately fire a pitch. Baseball is like a game of chess. Much strategy is involved. If you can’t enjoy that from the stands, then you need to find a new hobby.

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