Why I’m Rooting For The New England Patriots

I didn’t want to write about this but I have to now. I knew it was coming from November. That Philadelphia would ultimately join the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady were shoo-ins before the season started. YES I SAID THAT. SHOO-INS. But this isn’t a Tom Brady lovefest. It’s about these damn Philly fans.

For the record I know wonderful people from Philadelpia. But most of some of these people from Philly are the grossest human beings in the world. They are savages, ruthless, and want everything to burn because they their sports teams for the most parts are losers. One World Championship in the past 25 years will do that to any fan.

But let’s have some grace. Some of the things you see are inhumane.


The Philadelphians are telling a 99-year old Vikings fan AFTER A WIN to “fuck herself.”

That is just one example.

You have fans punching HORSES.

I could sit here and tell you that Eli Manning is the only one to beat Tom Brady. I could to you that Bill Bellichick was groomed in New York coaching Lawrence Taylor. But the real reason is at the end of the day, I can’t stand Philly’s sports fans. At least New England has something to be cocky about.


You guys want Brady? Good fucking luck.


  1. Old School

    Brady and the Pats are a great team, and do not need to have the referees in their pockets (literally)…but after the two bad calls last Sunday it was blatant that they get all the calls and then the referees come and tap Brady on the chest and share soem laughs…impartial….no way. Go Iggles.

    1. Jimmy (Post author)

      All correct statements. Pats win that game with or without the refs help. Belichick planned that game so even if they had to score a touchdown at the end they would. It’s cliche but he’s playing chess and the rest of these coaches are playing checkers. I can’t blame any New York fan for what stance they take on the actual game. Both franchises have cost me agony. Hoping to hit on my Super Bowl box.

  2. Jeste r

    This is as narrative as old as time and is so over exaggerated it’s ridiculous. Read a book Jimmy. Here is some research you might find interesting.

    Arrests Per Game:

    1) Chargers 24.6
    2) GIANTS 22.5
    3) JETS 21.5
    4) Raiders 17.8
    5) Steelers 16.8

    12) Eagles – 3.2

    NFC Championship game at home, night game we haven’t been too since 2004… TOTAL arrests 6.

    Both of your trash franchises continually average 2-3 in most arrests per game and we have ONE guy punch a horse and its the “same old Philly fans that threw snow balls at Santa”. Some line about Giants fans in glass houses throwing sticks or something… GROW UP

    1. Jimmy (Post author)

      You gotta come better than that Jester. Clearly illegal things were going on in Philadelphia that night. Maybe the Philly cops are more lenient? Either way, it’s a shame they’re gonna lose to Tom Brady.


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