Well I’m Back In The Hotel Room Tonight

Last night, was something special. But I’m no spring chicken. I don’t know how many times I can order Seamless without having a heart attack. How many hours of Netflix can I watch in a row? How many pints of ice cream is too much ice cream?!?!?!

Thank God I got to go into work today. I got to see human beings. I was becoming a creature. But, what happens when I go back into that hotel room tonight? Will I fall back into the same habits? Will I be able to say no to the Chinese food temptations? Should I do yoga on my king size bed?

I can’t make these decisions. I’m no good at it. In fact, if it wasn’t for my co-worker who lives in the same town as me, I would probably wouldn’t have gotten clean clothes. That would have been something. At least I had the foresight to tell my brother John to pack 2 days of clothes for me. He even got me snacks, and bottles of water, and a note with a joke on it! It was hysterical. Probably will be in my stand-up one day. Man that kid is the best.

So when I walk out of work today, it’s gonna get real. Another night in a hotel room. Should I call one my friends? Should I write a blog about sports? Is this the definition of Cabin Fever?

Time will tell. Stay tuned.



  1. sportschill fan 101

    lit dont forget to listen to hotel by r kelly

    1. Jimmy (Post author)

      smart man!


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