Time to Dream A Lill,’ Knicks Fans.

After another strong start to a season with promise, the New York Knicks are once again spiraling out of control. This annual phenomenon naturally leads to every trade scenario under the sun being discussed by fans. It hasn’t been all bad, though; the team finally has a set of capable people, in Scott Perry and Steve Mills, making sound decisions and moves that have the fans believing again.

This Knicks squad has essentially been assembled backwards with a solid cast of useful role players instead of true top end difference makers. Courtney Lee, Kyle O’Quinn, Enes Kanter, Michael Beasley, Lance Thomas, Doug McDermott and Ron Baker are pieces that could provide a boost for current playoff contenders. Going the way of collecting as many assets as possible (Celtics & Sixers style) is not the worst thing in the world if you have a patient fan base…

The Knicks need a point guard – and have for quite some time. Not only do they need a point guard, but they need an Alpha on this team. We love KP and the sky can be the limit but he needs another star to really progress himself and take the team to the next level. Yes, Frank Ntilikina and Trey Burke have shown some flashes of being potential pieces on this team moving forward. However, I think there’s a trade to be had for Damian Lillard should he indeed want out of the Rose City.

With the recent rumblings of “Dame” being concerned with the Trail Blazers direction, IF he were to demand a trade, the Knicks need to take a hard look and see what the cost of acquiring the three time All-Star would be.

He’d be the perfect fit here in New York: he’s not afraid of the spotlight, or big shot, and a true Alpha. I think he’d also push and grind KP into a tougher player and competitor. We’ve seen KP be lazy at times and that is not acceptable. Lillard would demand more from KP and be there to take the pressure off at the same time.

Giving up on Frank, Billy and assuredly some combination of draft picks would hurt. But to add a player of Dame’s caliber is too tough to pass up.

Granted, this is probably the definition of a “pipe dream” but we can dream, right?

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