The Wolf’s POS Of The Week

I thought my first POS of 2018, Craig Sager, was the clear cut favorite, but it now has some stiff competition. When this Larry Nassar news broke, we all thought it just surrounded the USA gymnastic team. But as more details surfaced, reports came out during his time at Michigan State University. 150 women had enough courage to speak out and share their stories and it was truly remarkable. Needless to say, Larry is going to jail for a long, long, long time. Well that’s if he makes it through his first year. I don’t think child molesters are received well in Federal prison.

But this story goes way beyond Larry Nassar. This is now a Michigan State University. Michigan State trustee Joel Ferguson said it first, and he said it best, “There’s so many more things going on at the university than just this Nassar thing.” MSU Athletic Director Mark Hollis stepped down from his position, and Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon resigned. ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” did their usual investigative work, publishing a detailed report of athletic department officials and Spartans coaches covering up for mens football and basketball players. Some of the players you may remember who’s names popped up in the reports are Travis Walton, Adreian Payne, and Keith Appling. The football team as no better. Since the hiring of coach Mark Dantonio in 2007, at least 16 women have been sexually assaulted according to the report. Dantonio thought that self disciplining the athlete and meeting with their parents was enough.

What should happen with these two?

If Rick Pitino was forced out of Louisville, I feel that it is only right for Tom Izzo and Dantonio to be forced out at Michigan State. To turn a blind eye to these actions is unacceptable. Adreian Payne has been waived by the Orlando Magic and their G-League affiliate Lakeland Magic. Walton, was put on administrative leave from the with the Agua Caliente Clippers. What is even worse and what looks bad for Izzo was that Walton remained on the Spartans coaching staff after his playing days were over.

What is up with the B1G (Big Ten Conference) and these schools covering up for sexual predators. First it was Penn State and Jerry Sandusky which pretty much resulted in the death of Joe Pa. He just couldn’t handle it anymore. Now it is Michigan State and two more legitimate college coaches. The NCAA and Mark Emmert should take swift action on the school in East Lansing. BUT NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND! NCAA President Mark Emmert has some explaining to do as well. According to The Athletic in 2010, Emmert was made aware of 37 reports of sexual assault committed by Michigan State athletes, and he did nothing about it. NOTHING. Many people already hate this man. This story is just getting started.

There are so many more details we do not know about, and way too much to cover. There are many cowards involved in this story that need to step up to the podium and answer questions.

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