The Wolf’s POS Of The Week

I am a little late to get into this story, but I wanted to wait for more information to come out through the media. Craig Sager was the beloved NBA sideline analyst for TNT who wore the most obscene suits that caught the world by fire. Sags as he was known by many was diagnosed with leukemia in 2014 which rocked the NBA world. Sags battled and battled and received some help and made his way back to the sidelines and was fortunate enough to cover an NBA Finals game with ESPN. Sager passed away on December 15th, 2016 which shook the NBA world, including Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich.

While Sager was out, his son Craig Sager Jr. stepped in and had some appearances on TNT as a sideline reporter. Once again it was Greg Popovich who had another outstanding sideline interview, which we all know never ever happens.

News broke after the new year that Craig Sager had removed his three oldest children from his will. This gets even better, or worse. If you do not know the full story, Sager left his first wife Lisa Sager in December 2000, and then married Stacy Sager in 2001.  Pretty quick turnaround if you ask me. Craig Sager Jr. took to twitter to break the silence and man did it suck reading all of this.

There are many more tweets, and young Sags did a good job responding to everyones replies. His sister Kacy even got into the mix as well. If all of this is true, it really does suck for the kids.

How disgusting is that? Your son goes through a bone marrow transplant so you can live longer and you do him like that?

So if you haven’t caught my jist yet, Craig Sager was a piece of shit, and will go down as a piece of shit. He fell in love with a younger, better looking blonde, who used him for all his worth and screwed his kids at the end of the day. It’s only January and Craig Sager may go down as the biggest piece of shit of 2018.

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