THE TEASE – NFL Saturday Edition

The Alabama tease went swimmingly. The haters were crying at halftime, and that’s exactly what I wanted. I wanted to see the doubt in everyone who didn’t believe. Who didn’t know that I knew Tua Tagovailoa would come in and win the game for the Crimson Tide. FOOLS. Anyways, let’s try to get a string of wins together.

THE TEASE Saturday is a 7 point tease. Gotta put up a little extra juice in order to sip the victory wine.

The first game on Saturday is the Falcons at Eagles. In case you have been living in a pineapple under the sea, Nick Foles is not a good quarterback. He holds onto the ball so long he reminds me of a dog who won’t let anyone play his toys. He’d rather get sacked than throw the rock.

The Falcons on the other hand have the playoff experience. They showed that they weren’t afraid of the spotlight when they went in LA and stomped out a very good Rams team. Originally the Falcons are favored by 3. But with the 7 points, the spread moves to Atlanta +4. Even if Atlanta somehow loses by a field goals, we still win phase 1 of the tease.

The second part of the tease is Titans at the Patriots. I honestly expect New England to win by 24. Maybe 31-7? Seems about right. The spread is Patriots -13.5. When we tease the 7 points (Pats -6.5) even if Brady and Belichick win just by a touchdown, we still win the bet.

To sum it up. Tease 7 points. It should look like this.

Patriots -6.5

Falcons +4


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