The Last Time I Tried to Get an Intern, he Turned Into A SuperStar. Well I’m At It Again. Let Me Introduce You To 14 Year Old Dylan Price.

Billy Football is the past. He turned me down for Pardon My Take, the number one Podcast in the sports universe. I told him about my plans, and he probably went in there and told Big Cat and Er.. I mean whatever that guy’s name is with the sunglasses. But whatever, they do a good show and I’m totally not jealous because I’m not a loser.

So you could see why I waited to get another intern. I had serious trust issues. But I found a guy that I know is the truth. And his name is Dylan Price.

How did I meet Dylan? Are You Sure This Is The Right Move? Is He Gonna Ditch Me For Barstool Sports?

Guys, yea all of these thoughts crept into my head. But I could tell Dylan was the missing piece to the puzzle.

Why? Well let me tell you a little story…

As I was going over my business plans for the 2018 year with an associate of mine, we found out that CC Sabbathia was coming back for the 2018 season. I did a Vlog in the Palisades Mall and then went to shop for the Coach, my mom, Joey and Johnny.

It was weird. My associate had to go to the loo, so I told him to meet me at the sports store. To my surprise there was a baseball signing for Baby Bomber Miguel Andujar. I had to support the man, so I paid 20 dollars to take a picture with him. While in line, I met Dylan and his mother. Dylan knew more about Miguel Andujar than I know about myself.

Was I nervous that Dylan was 14?

Nope, he seemed like he was ready. I mean 15 year olds win The Voice all the time so why can’t a 14 year old become my intern? His mom was very nice, and that was that.

Things you need to know about Dylan.?

Well there’s only really one thing you need to know about him. He’s a diehard Yankees fan. He also likes the Jets which will help me in the future. In fact his first blog is about the Jets. Dylan plays football, baseball and golf. And now he can add The Sports Chill Intern to the list.

Welcome To The Sports Chill, Dylan Price. I’m gonna teach you the ropes and make you a star.

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