The Jets Just Fired Their Offensive Coordinator

Wow. John Morton has just been fired as the offensive coordinator for the Jets. I didn’t see this coming, as he seemed to be well liked, but obviously there were some issues. Rumors say him and Bowles didn’t work the greatest. Morton ran this offense way to conservative and that led to ranking 24th in points per game, 28th in yards per game, 24th in passing yards per game and 19th in rushing yards per game. He was not cut out to be an offensive coordinator even with the minimal talent on the team. Here are the four guys who could replace him.

Jeremy Bates (Current QB Coach)

Bates seems like the best choice as he’s an in house replacement. Bates knows the team and got a lot out of a 39 year old quarterback this year as well as having a great track record in the past. Bates would be the safe move.

Bruce Arians (Former HC Cardinals)

This is the outrageous move that probably won’t happen. Arians is a solid coach, he has been for years. Bowles worked with Arians underneath him as the defensive coordinator before getting hired by us as Head Coach. It was rumored Arians would be a special advisor but maybe he becomes the offensive coordinator.

John Defilippio (QB Coach Eagles)

Defilippio is a phenomenal coach. The Jets have always admired him. He interviewed for head coach a few years ago and has always seemed like a great fit. Defilippio should be a head coach in this league in my opinion but he is yet to run an offense his own way. If the Jets get him to be the offensive coordinator a lot of people would be thrilled.

Todd Haley (Former OC Steelers)

Here is the most obvious choice. Haley just parted ways with the Steelers and now is jobless. He ran a very good offense in Pittsburgh and clashed with Rothleisberger and Tomlin near the end though. Haley led a top ten offense and was a respected coordinator in Pittsburgh. I would love to have him personally and it would really fuel the Leveon Bell to the Jets hype as well.


The Jets have some really promising options, let’s hope they make the right decision.

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