The Good And The Bad About The Yankees New Protective Netting

During September in the heat of the playoff push for the New York Yankees, Todd Frazier hit a 105 mph line drive into the stands which tragically hit a little girl. This little girl suffered many severe injuries that may never make her the same. I know… that’s a really sad note to start on.

Due to this incident the Yankees decided to add more protective netting to the field. The netting will be installed for the 2018 season at Yankee Stadium and at Steinbrenner field in Tampa. At Yankees Stadium the netting will extend to Section 029 on the first base side and to Section 011 on the third base side. The netting will be eight feet tall.


The Positives

The incident occurred in September of last season was not the first incident that has occurred in baseball. Many people think netting should be mandatory to provide protection and prevent injuries through out MLB. I myself was at a game where a fan a couple rows over the third base side got hit in the head with a liner that sent him to the hospital. The point is this protection can be huge in preventing injuries and eliminates the risk of getting hurt.


The Negatives

One of my favorite things about going to baseball games is the chance for a foul ball. The new netting eliminates the chance of doing that.  The netting can ruin the fun of the game. The netting also can get in the way of the game. Even though the field staff is saying it won’t effect the views for many fans it could.

In the end the move is the best for fan safety and that’s what matters. If there worried about balls being hit though maybe they should put netting in the outfield, because with the modern day murders row there’s gonna be lots of balls flying in to the stands out there.

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