The ESPN Story Came Out About The Patriots Called “For Kraft, Brady and Belichick, is this the beginning of the end?” Here Is My Reaction

Hotel night #2 went a little bit different for me. This time it was still the Seamless order, followed by me getting in an argument AGAIN with the delivery man (I shit you not). But when I was on the phone talking to an associate of mine, he mentioned the rumor that Bellichick, Kraft and Brady would not be able to co-exist for much longer.

I smiled, knowing that there was some truth to it. But I wanted to make sure. I did what people call in the business “research.” Yes I am a silly guy on most occasions, but when something is seriously going down in the sports world, I try to get to the bottom of it.

I would not rest until I made sure the ESPN story was actually going to come out. And once I knew it was coming, all I could do was smile.

You see, the Patriots will inevitably win the Super Bowl this year. But the fact that this is the beginning of the end for the most powerful franchise in sports the past 17 years is music to my ears.

Some people have made up a theory that Belichick will now coach the Giants next season. As much as I would love to jump to this conclusion, I’m not gonna hold my breathe just yet. But it is good to know that the franchise that was once untouchable, is now likely to fall within the next 3 seasons.

Now let me get to the story, because it’s a doozy. The story is akin to Episode 3 of Star Wars where Anakin Skywalker turns into Darth Vader. In this comparison Tom Brady is of course Darth Vader. And his “health guru” Alex Guerrero is the Sithian chancellor that flips him.

We have been hearing the name Alex Guerrero for the past few months; how Belichick banned him from the locker room and how it was causing a rift between Brady, other players and Belichick.

Seth Wickersham’s article chronicles how Brady has gotten frustrated with the way Bill Bellichick treats him. In fact, the article even goes into detail of how Brady is salty that he hasn’t gotten “Patriot of the Week,” this year despite the fact that he is the probable 2018 NFL MVP.

“He feels he has accomplished enough that he shouldn’t have to endure so much grief. Patriots staffers have noticed that, this year more than ever, he seems to volley between unwavering confidence and driving insecurity. 

No way in my mind do I think Tom Brady is salty about a stupid weekly team award. But I can certainly see how annoying any backlash would be. Imagine winning 5 Super Bowls and after all that, Belichick still won’t give you a break? It’s what makes Belichick the greatest coach in the history of the NFL. But it could also be the reason for his demise in New England.

Then the piece started talking about Jimmy G, and my ears perked up. Not because I’m a Jimmy G fanboy. Rather because things started to make more sense.

Jimmy G is a huge part of this story. Last season when Garoppolo was knocked out a start with a shoulder injury, he set up a visit at TB12 headquarters. Garoppolo “later told Patriots staffers when he arrived that the door was locked. He called TB12 trainers but nobody answered. He couldn’t believe it. Garoppolo told the staffers, and that night ended up visiting team trainers instead.” 

Although Guerrero denies the allegations, why would Jimmy G lie about this? He had nothing to gain by telling that story. Maybe he was always jealous of Brady? That it would help down the line? Nope I’m not buying it. After seeing the film the first two games of the 2016 season, Brady was scared that Jimmy G would be the end of him. And he would do anything to destroy him in New England.

The thing that made matters worse was that Belichick didn’t want to trade Garoppolo.

“The Patriots repeatedly offered Garoppolo four-year contract extensions, in the $17 million to $18 million range annually that would go higher if and when he succeeded Brady. Garoppolo and Yee rejected the offers out of hand, for reasons that remain unclear, and the Patriots knew they couldn’t make any promises to Garoppolo about the timing of a transition at quarterback without it getting back to Brady.”

So that was the end of Jimmy G in New England. Two months ago, Garoppolo was traded to the 49ers for a second round pick, and in the past 5 weeks we have seen him develop into a young superstar. Maybe that made Belichick mad. Maybe somewhere deep inside it made him happy that the young QB was prospering somewhere else. But one thing is for sure; it definitely caused more tension.

The article goes into detail how Brady seemed relieved the next week in practice. How him and Kraft were seen in the building hugging. How “his new backup, Brian Hoyer, was a longtime friend and not a threat. That “The owner was in Brady’s corner.”

Kraft, Brady, and Belichick were supposed to meet after that, but it never happened. And as tensions rise in New England, we can see a glimpse of hope in the near future. Maybe the Patriots dynasty is coming to an end. Maybe trading Garoppolo was something that Kraft and Brady concocted, leaving Belichick the odd man out . Maybe ESPN is simply trying to destroy the Patriots. But it certainly going to be a scene up in Foxboro today. Hopefully it all comes crumbling down.

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