Reimagining Football (The XFL)

Vince McMahon, considers himself as a guy who doesn’t fail. In 2001 (when I wasn’t even alive) he attempted to challenge the NFL and miserably failed costing himself and NBC millions. He won’t back down. Today he announced that in 2020 he will be taking another shot at football with the XFL.

The first thing myself and many others will think is why, why would a guy in the later stages of such a incredible life try such a daring venture, yet again. He’s not dumb though and although he can be an egomaniac, he’s got the right idea. With all the controversy with political and monetary issues as well as the issues with Goodell, now is the time for someone to make a move. In his press conference he continued to say he wanted to reimagine the game and that’s what he needs to do. Here’s how he can do it.


We live in the technology era. Vince knows this as well as everyone else. If the XFL plays it right they could stream games on Twitter, Instagram ,Facebook, Amazon and more.The XFL could be a revolutionary force in streaming sports if played the right way.

Style of The Game

The XFL could be a new way of playing the game. Some of the biggest issues in the NFL are commercials, penalties, referee mistakes and pace of the game. If they did the streaming they could take away commercials as well as referee mistakes, with fan votes for every dispute. The XFL could only have penalties for major things and they could do all these things and it would speed up the game and improve it.


Ice Cube is a very good rapper, actor and overall funny man. He also had a great idea to form a basketball league of former players playing 3 on 3. This idea was very smart and worked awesome last year. That idea is what the XFL should emulate. McMahon also says he doesn’t want anyone who’s been in trouble with the law in. So that means NO Johnny Manziel.


But imagine Jeff Garcia faking a hand-off to Peyton Hillis and then throwing a bomb to Terrell Owens. The XFL could also have players like Tim Tebow or Jamarcus Russell who was supposed to awesome and struggled in the pros.

To sum it up, The XFL could be the perfect rebellion to the NFL. The XFL could revolutionize football and sports for ever. These are all possibilities but the NFL is a powerhouse and it would be hard to compete with, but maybe McMahon has learned from his mistakes and could be the perfect guy to rival the NFL. Although he is the same guy that got beat up by Stone Cold Steve Austin a couple days ago.

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