No One Puts Clint In The Corner, But Should They?

From the second the Yankees acquired Clint Frazier, Yankee fans have been more than excited to see “Red Thunder” patrol the outfield in the Bronx and display his “legendary bat speed.” However, the trade for Giancarlo Stanton, the meteoric rise of Aaron Judge, Brett Gardner and Aaron Hicks; Frazier’s future with the team is no sure thing.

I’m a big Clint guy and knowing his true value to the team, at the moment, is tied to an injury in the outfield or  a trade for another need, such as a young starter. Clearly, the Yankees would have to get creative if they want Clint here long-term. I’m a huge believer that if an organization feels someone is truly special, they can find a spot for said person, even if there’s not a clear opening (see: Cubs and Kyle Schwarber).

With that thought in mind, there are two positions that are not solidified: second base and third base. With second base all but guaranteed to be Gleyber Torres’s domain, sooner rather than later, third base is a bit more open. Yes, Miguel Andujar is probably that guy if he can straighten out the defensive side of things.His bat has never been in question but the Yankees don’t seem quite ready to anoint him the guy and would rather competition at the hot corner come this spring.

What about Clint Frazier getting a shot at third? Sounds wild but hear me out…

  • There is precedent of corner outfielders, specifically left fielders, moving to third base.
    • Kris Bryant (70 games); Miguel Cabrera (248 games);  Chipper Jones (356 games)
  • Frazier played third base in high school so the position wouldn’t be completely foreign.
  • He needs regular at bats – he’s not a fifth outfielder.

What I think the Yanks will do is stash Clint in the minors until the perfect trade comes about or an injury happens. I know I’d love to see him be part of the future, especially with Gardner, potentially, being in his last season in pinstripes via team option for next year. I’ve seen firsthand (along with Jimmy) the impact Clint can have on this Yankees team and hope he can get a chance to create more memories like below. Maybe, from our vantage point at third base that day.



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