Is Rafael Palmeiro Really Making A Comeback?

Say it ain’t so Rafi!

53 year old Rafael Palmeiro really thinks he is going to make it back to the bigs. Gotta admit, the swing does look smooth but any current or former big leaguer can hit 90 right down the cock. He claims to be in the best shape of his life, so he is either back on steroids, or following his buddy Frank Thomas and on the Nugenix train. Would anyone take a chance on him? Maybe for a publicity stunt or to sell tickets, but isn’t that what we all thought the Mets were doing when they signed Tim Tebow, and look what he did.

Lets say he does come back and make a roster. The only thing he can do is hurt his legacy, or whatever legacy he still has. Pitchers won’t allow themselves to get beat by a 53 year who has been out of the game for 12 years, no chance. Best of luck to you Rafael.

P.S. Got to admit, this gives me the itch to make a comeback. Haven’t picked up a baseball in 8 summers. Maybe this is the motivation I need. Maybe I need to order me some Nugenix. Lets fucking go!

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