If The Giants Don’t Hire Someone Soon I’m Just Gonna Sleep Out At MetLife Because The Job Is Mine

Rumors everywhere.

“Steve Wilks and Dave Gettleman are practically dating.” Ugh…



“All signs point to Matt Patricia.” Hmmmmm….

Matt Patricia is the latest guy to be linked to the Giants job. We know they interviewed him last Friday but haven’t heard much since. Apparently, everyone is saying he “favors the Giants over the Lions,” and at this point I don’t know what to believe. I’m not saying to hurry up. If Matt Pat (my nickname for him if he gets the job) is the right guy then by all means hire him. But should I throw my hat into the ring? I know some people who know some people that hires head coach. So maybe I put the blog aside, the blazer on and head to the Meadowlands. Because my Madden draft history is superb and my play-calling ability has been compared to Bill Walsh’s in his prime.

I have a friend that has a tent. He hikes a lot and told me he would let me borrow the thing if I wanted to freeze my ass off. I was thinking about sleeping in my car but I want to show that I have the grit to weather the cold. I mean how could they say no to a guy literally puts his body in a tent and doesn’t even have a concussion.

If they want me I’m theirs. If not, I’ll go back to being the best blogger on the Internet.




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