I Got Put Up In A Hotel Room For Work, And I’ve Become Kevin McCallister From Home Alone 2

Contrary to popular belief, being an Internet sensation is not my only occupation. I work at CBS Sports Network, one of the finest establishments in the world. Because they are such a classy organization, I was offered the option of getting a hotel room for the upcoming snow this morning. I took them up on their offer, because I probably wouldn’t be able to travel from Tarrytown to Manhattan via transit.

But that’s not the point. I arrived to the Marriott Hotel at 6pm. I got in and started watching television for a few hours. But then I thought to myself, “What’s the point of getting a hotel room without ordering room service? You didn’t eat a lot today. You had a wrap at around noon but nothing after that. You didn’t eat breakfast. Do it James. Do it!”

Well I did it alright. Called downstairs ordered a chicken quesadilla, followed by Seamless Chinese food, and had a couple bags of Doritos. I’m even gonna grab a Snickers bars when I’m done with this. Do I feel worthless? Nope! I feel inspired!

Why am I telling you this story? This is stupid.

Well yes and no. Sometimes you have to eat a bunch of food and blog. Because when others are tired and full about to go to sleep, I’m getting energized by the carbohydrates that will one day be the death of me.

The moral of the story is, the blog never sleeps. I know it, and hopefully now you know it too. Now please excuse me, while I laugh at Lebron James as he gets demolished by the Celtics.

PS – Thankfully there were no bad guys in my day other than the Chinese delivery man who made me go down to the lobby to pick up my food. Man, that guy was a pain in the ass.

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