Henrik Lundqvist Is Named An All-Star For 4th Time In His Career

I don’t watch too much hockey until mid-January. I dedicate my time to every other sport, and it’s hard to be focused on everything under the sun. But because my Rangers writer is overseas, I decided it was only fair to blog it for you guys.

For the 4th time in his career, the King has been named an NHL All-Star. Hank would probably rather be gearing up for the Olympics than being named an All-Star but I’m sure he is proud to represent the Rangers. So how is Henrik playing this year?


All I heard at the beginning of the year that he was too slow, too old & #done. Not so fast my friends. The King is playing like a beast and definitely deserves the honor. But what he really needs to solidify his career is a ring.

The 2017-2018 Rangers know how to defend the puck. But the offense is just 13th in goals per game and 17th in power play efficiency. They need a scorer before the trade deadline if they actually want to make a run. Hopefully Jeff Gorton can make something happen before the trade deadline February 26th because the King is in desperate need of some help.



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