Buffalo Bills Wildcard Weekend Playoff Preview

This past Monday I was in line at the 7/11 near my apartment, grabbing some essentials. I was next in line at the register when a homeless looking guy says that scratch off #39 is going to win $850. Then he turns around and looks right at me. He’s wearing headphones that looked like they were from the mid 90s. He says again to me “Hey if you have 5 bucks to spare scratch of #39 is going to win $850.” Then he just walks out. There were no strings attached he just told me and then left. So as the guy at the register is ringing up my stuff I say “Ahhhh I gotta buy that scratch off.”

He says “Duuuuude don’t waste you money man, that guy pulls that shit all the time.”

I said, “I know I’m sure he does but if I don’t buy it, I’ll be thinking about it non stop.”

He replied “Well man if he said it’s gonna win why don’t he buy it!?!”

Fair but I had already thought of this and said “Good point, but if he could actually magically predict scratch-off cards then he wouldn’t need $850 so maybe he was just being generous.” I was sooo in love with this answer. I became 1000% confident I was buying a winner.

I scratched it off and it was a stone cold loser. Nada. Zilch. I was laughing at myself. Just a hilarious gag from some homeless asshole who wanted me to lose $5. He didn’t even want my $5, he just wanted me to lose it. Anyways this was a stupid story about my Monday morning and if there is only one lesson that came out of it it’s that my Sunday night wasn’t a dream.

Whether or not this is a good thing, this past New Year’s Eve was the best day of my life and it wasn’t close. I was at a wedding. You’d think if it were the best day of my life it would be my own wedding. But my own wedding won’t even come close to this. I was in a small tavern below a hotel where the reception was taking place. And shortly before the 4th and 12 play I had completely given up on the Bills season. Another one bites the dust. The drought that has gone on for 17 years will go on for 18. And then the most improbable shit I’ve ever seen happened.

What. In. the. Fuuuuuq?

I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I jumped up and down and screamed, it was joy in the purest form. And then later in the evening when I started to go on twitter and see the reactions of other fans I started tearing up. I couldn’t even talk about it with people the next day without getting a little choked up. 17 years of bad breaks and we finally got a good one.

Obviously it’s not a Super Bowl. But before a Super Bowl, we needed this. And when I say “we” I’m not talking about the team I’m talking about the city. We knew at some point (if ever) this would have to come first and it just never did. So this is huge. And for a lot of people anything past this point is just gravy.

But as I was reminded this morning, we didn’t come this far just to come this far. Like most blogs I write on here I don’t have any real analysis for you. The three reasons I think the Bills can win are simple: the jerseys (blue pants, gonna look amazing), Shady (I think he’ll be hobbled, but play), and momentum. The Jags don’t want this. There is no Kyle Williams in the Jags locker room.

Buffalo all the way this time. Circle the freaking wagons.

Prediction: Bills 23 Jags 21

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