Am I The Only Person In Buffalo Cheering For The Patriots?

I am not the only one cheering for the Patriots to win the Super Bowl because I have seen two dudes at my gym wearing Patriots gear, but I am one of the few pulling for Tom Brady and the Patriots to defeat the Eagles. “Why the fuck you are cheering for the Patriots? You are from Buffalo”. That is the type of response I will receive when people ask me who I am pulling for. You want to know why? Let me share with you.

The main reason is because I am a fan of Tom Brady. How can you not be? There is another athlete I can compare him to and it is Kevin Garnett. I used to hate him, but the more I watched him play, especially during his time with the Celtics, I started to respect him as a player. He was ruthless and wanted to win at all costs. One of the best shit talkers in the Association. All he had to do was look at a rookie a certain way and that was it. Tom Brady is similar in that he has that killer mentality, or should we cal in the “Mamba” mentality. Step on the throat and don’t get off. For christ sake, this will be Brady’s 8th Super Bowl in his 18th season. Most players are lucky to survive in this league for 3. But for Tommy he has been playing at a certain level for 12+ seasons. Sure he got some help during his first two rings, but what about the next three. And now he is going for his sixth?

That word respect I have thrown around, ya I respect the Patriots for how they have been able to do this. Sure they got caught cheating, but what team isn’t. The way that Robert Kraft and staff has assembled this roster, whether it be cutting Pro Bowl players, i.e. Jamie Collins, Lawyer Milloy, Richard Seymour, the next man in steps up and becomes a superstar on this team. Haven’t even mentioned Bill Belichick, the greatest coach in NFL history. The way he steps up to the podium and answers the medias questions is just great, His demeanor on the sideline can’t be matched. His attention to detail in between the lines is like no other.

Oh ya, there is one more reason why I am pulling for the Patriots and his name is Rob Gronkowski. The Buffalo native may go down as the best tight end to ever play the game. The monster has dominated the middle of the field since he came into the league. You never see his name in the media for beating a chick, or doing drugs. The man has not spent a penny from his playing contracts. Sure he pulled a scumbag move against Tre White when he elbowed the rookie in the back of the head, but that is his only foul during his 8 year career. Call him a scum bag, or a piece of shit and he will just laugh in your face. You are just a peasant to Gronk. The Williamsville native is banging a different chick every night and doesn’t care what Michael Bernard has to say…

Or what about what Jessica Marie has to say…

I definitely did not say good night.

I will most likely get the invite to the in laws this year to watch the Super Bowl but I am going to have to turn it down. Everyone else in attendance is a Bills fan and will be cheering for the Eagles because they hate the Pats that much. Instead of having to sit through a game listening to them talk so much shit like they did last year, I think I am going to stay home and watch it by myself. I don’t want to have to witness what I did last year when Brady led the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. I thought they were going to throw up.

Go Pats!


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