After I Declined The Giants Defensive Coordinator Position, They Hired Another Man Named James To Coach The D

Well my contract negotiations to coach the GMEN didn’t work out. I was a shoo-in for the defensive coordinator position, but I’m holding out for something bigger. I couldn’t stomach being an assistant to Pat Shurmur. I wouldn’t tell him my secrets. My agent and I decided this wasn’t the right move in the present.

When I was off the table the Giants went out and got the second best man out there. A guy who looks like a blogger.

Image result for bettcher cardinals


A guy who knows how to corral a unit. Did I nominate James as the top guy once I informed Mr. Mara I wasn’t taking the job? You can Bettcher ass I did.

James is a phenomenal defensive mind. He will bring the Giants back to the Big Blue Wrecking Crew days with his 3-4 base defense. This means that Dave Gettleman will be looking for linebackers in the draft, because they were completely neglected by former GM Jerry Reese. In addition, the Giants will become blitz happy. Bettcher blitzed more than any team in the NFL during his 3 years with the Cardinals.

If that doesn’t help you with the move, here is a quote from legend Bruce Arians on Bettcher. People might confuse the quote as if I were being talked about, but Bruce is talking about his former coordinator. “I look at names that people are throwing out right now as head coaching candidates and I’m shocked that James isn’t amongst them. He is extremely bright, high energy, an excellent communicator. When I first met him, I knew he was going to be a star.”

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