2018 Could Be Our Year

2017 was supposed to be the year we joined the Lions and now the Browns by having the perfect losing season. Somehow Todd Bowles coached a team with a 39 year old quarterback to 5 wins. Josh McCown passed for 2,926 Yards and 18 Touchdowns, he is an alternate for the Pro Bowl and won AFC offensive player of the week once this season. Robby Anderson the young wideout known for his speed blossomed into a stud.

Jermane Kearse was acquired from Seattle in exchange for 2014 defensive rookie of the year. This turned out to be a great trade as Richardson was a cancer in the locker room and Kearse was a reliable target. Linebacker Demario Davis came home to the New York Jets after playing for the Browns for a year. Davis led the team in tackles and sacks and was a vocal leader on the team.

Marcus Maye, Darron Lee, Jamal Adams, Leonard Williams and Austin Seferian Jenkins also had nice seasons for New York. These bright spots as well as the fact the Jets had a united locker room and got the 6th pick led to the Jets not having that much of a lost season. All these things are correlated with Mike Maccaganan. Magic Mike has come in and after putting out a competitive roster in his first year, will face his first opportunity to make this roster his own with a surplus of good picks and over 100 million dollars in cap room. That is before the expected releases of Muhamed Wilkerson and Matt Forte. The future of the Jets is in Mikes hands.

The first thing someone would say is to get a Quarterback and it is the biggest need for New York and it has been since Chad Pennington… wait nope he wasn’t a franchise QB how about Richard Todd…eh he wasn’t a franchise QB either. That means Joe Namath who last played in 1978, is the only franchise QB the Jets have ever had. 1978 my parents were still in Middle School when the Jets last had a solid franchise QB. The Jets need a Quarterback if you couldn’t tell and not a 39 year old. The ideal name for Jets fans as a QB is Baker Mayfield. Baker is an awesome quarterback but he is cocky and has had trouble with the law. He is not the right choice. The ideal choice would be a guy in free agency, either Kirk Cousins, Teddy Bridgewater or a player like Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen.

Bridgewater is a guy who is just getting back from a terrible injury. He’d be a better fit as a backup for right now, Cousins is going to be very expensive and with other holes he’s not the right guy. The ideal choice would be to sign a bridge Quarterback and draft a guy like Jackson or Allen to develop and maybe if they have a good preseason start day one. The Jets also need a center, a guard, a left tackle and a slot receiver. On defense the Jets need a edge rusher and another defensive end because the team leader in sacks had 5 sacks in 16 games. The Jets also need another corner.

This team has a lot of potential and with the right moves this team could make the playoffs in 2018 for the first time in 7 years. Mike, the ball is in your court now.


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  2. Dylans #1 fan

    the Jets suck but good article Dylan.


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