Picks Against The Spread 

My social media is a jinx for picks. The real fans can click if they want the picks at the very least. I’m hot right now with NFL spreads. Not as hot as Jimmy Garoppolo,,,

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but still pretty hot. Here are my picks against the spread this week.

  1. Patriots -9 at the Bills. I’m taking the Patriots because I’ve taken them the past 3 weeks and they keep on covering. It’s almost as simple as that. They need to keep kicking ass because the Steelers are the current 1 seed. Take the Pats and yawn your way to victory. Sorry, Bills Mafia.
  2. Broncos -1.5. The Broncos stink. But Osweiler isn’t playing and neither is the goatee wearing, interception throwing, Paxton Lynch. Trevor Siemian is getting the start in Miami and the Dolphins aren’t very good either. Neither team cares about the game, so I think Siemian gets the edge against Jay Cutler who will reconsider retiring after the game.
  3. Colts +10. Buy the half point, it’s usually worth it. The Jaguars may have taken a dump on the Colts in week 8, but since them they haven’t been as bad as their 3-8 record would suggest. In the past four games they are just 1-3 but they have only been outscored by 2 points cumulatively in those games. The Jaguars arent mere mortals at home (3-2) and almost lost the Arizona last week. Give me the points!
  4. Bucs +2.5 at Packers. I am so confused right now. 97 percent of the bets are on the Packers. I have never seen anything like that. Is Vegas dumb? Nah I don’t think so either. Don’t break the bank on this one but there has to be some reason why the line hasn’t changed to 5. So weird. I am not very confident about this one, but other people’s confidence in the Packers has me confident in the Bucs. Please excuse me while I go puke.
  5. Texans +7. The Titans are 7-4 but have only won a game by more than 6 one time all year. That was all the way back in week 2. It’s three months later. Tom Savage is proving to be very mediocre instead of horrible. Plus its a division game! Take the points!


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Put 5 dollars on a 5 team parlay. Buy points where needed. I did the math for you.

Pats -9

Broncos -1.5

Colts +10.5

Bucs +3.5

Texans +7.5

PS- Never Bet Too Much. I’m not your mom, but it’s not worth it. Have a great weekend. Love you.


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