Giancarlo Stanton Proves Once Again That Everyone Looks Hotter In Pinstripes

The Yankees opened their Winter Meetings by introducing Giancarlo Stanton. Let me be the first to say that Stanton looks hot in Pinstripes.

This lineup is gonna look so good come opening day. Honey Boo Boo could have been named manager and wouldn’t be able to mess this batting order up. Here’s a projected lineup from the smartest sports mind in the world (mine).

  1. Gardner
  2. Judge
  3. Giancarlo
  4. Gary
  5. Didi
  6. Bird
  7. Hicks
  8. Headley
  9. Torreyes

The funny/stupid thing is Cashman is currently trying to get rid of Headley because Gleyber Torres will be in the lineup eventually and he can rake. Miguel Andujar played like a man possessed in the minors but there was nowhere to put him in last year. Maybe he takes over at second base? It honestly doesn’t matter.

The Yankees are like the Avengers now. They should be able to get runs like someone after they eat Chipotle. Murderers Row 2.0. It’s gonna be so much fun to watch.


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