Eli Named Week 14 Starter

Take a seat Geno! All is right in the world again. Eli Manning will start for the GMEN this Sunday vs. the Cowboys.

Kudos to Steve Spagnuolo going back to Eli, because seeing Geno Smith again would piss so many Giants fans that it’s not even worth it. At this point, the season is over and neither guy is the answer. Davis Webb isn’t ready and Eli is the obvious move.

Geno Smith never was supposed to see the field this season. The reason he was even signed was in case the Giants were actually good and Manning went down. He is nothing more than a competent backup quarterback. The fact that he even got the start in week 13 will boggle my mind til the end of time. Especially during a 210 start streak for the franchise’s best QB of all time.

It was sad and infuriating, but the Ben McAdoo/Jerry Reese era is over. If they want to go to Webb in a couple weeks, fine by me. But starting #10 vs. our division rivals is the right now. Good on ya, Spags.


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