You’re More Of A Loser Than The Giants If You’re Crying That McAdoo Hasn’t Been Fired Yet


Sad? Maybe. Embarrassing? Absolutely. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. Jesus Christ coming down to Earth to coach the Giants for the rest of the regular season wouldn’t change a thing. At best, the Lamb of God would put the Giants at 8-8.

The bitching and moaning I have seen on social media today is pathetic. Do I have to walk you through every single scenario for the rest of time or will you learn that sometimes losing is winning?

Right now if the season ended today, the Giants would have the number 2 pick in the draft. So why are we so quick to get rid of Ben Mcadoo? Clearly he is most fit for the job because we want to lose out!

Don’t be a pain in the ass and tell me you won’t be a Giants fan if he isn’t canned by the end of the day. If he is fired, so be it. But lets not act like we can run the table and actually do something this year.

The Giants season is lost. So instead of getting emotionally invested the rest of the way, find a hobby, or start watching the Rangers or Knicks. Because crying about the GMEN for the rest of the season is a waste. And if you are going to complain, complain if we actually win again. Because at this point, that is the worst thing for our franchise.


  1. Giants Suck

    fire mcapoopoo.

  2. Old School

    ot only will McAdoo be gone but so will Sullivan, Spagnolo, Quinn and Reese…total cleaning of house. There are alos som every talented players on the roster that need to go too…very bad attitude. Just start over and get some big offensive lineman and a decent linebacker for next year.


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