Yankees To Interview Carlos Beltran Tomorrow (Despicable)

Brian Cashman is now trying to troll us right? To bring in a guy who just beat you in seven games in the ALCS is the lowest form of peasantry. We’re talking about a guy that was on the same squad as Altuve and Verlander last year and you want me to forget that? Nope that’s not happening.

Carlos Beltran can come join the squad as the bat boy. But to give him the managerial position is basically the entire organization bending over for no reason. Have some Pinstripe Pride. That’s basically like allowing a Red Sox player to come interview after 2004. It makes no sense other than the fact that some of the players might like him.

Well you know what? I don’t care if the players like him. He has never managed a game in his life and I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him. This has everything to do with recency bias and I don’t care. Put Aaron Boone at the helm. Bring in the Giants hitting coach (Meulens) that can speak 5 languages that will attract Ohtani. Lets just not have Benedict Arnold come in here and manage this team.




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