Why Thanksgiving Is The Best Holliday

Every year Thanksgiving sneaks up on us. So I’m gonna get ahead of the curve and let you know why I think Thanksgiving is the best holiday. Easy enough right?

  1. Thanksgiving Eve – Every person who likes to put a few beers back will be doubling their servings on Wednesday. Whether you’re drinking with buddies from your hometown, siblings you haven’t seen, or are binging Netflix, you’re gonna get a little extra lit that night. There’s no reason to be ashamed of it. You have 4 days to recover, and it’s easier when you pretend to be tired the next day in front of all your relatives.
  2. The food – Yea, the turkey is legit. But the day is more about the marathon of food than one specific meat. You got the appetizers, the side dishes at dinner, the pies, the chocolate, whatever else you can think of. More importantly, you can be as lazy as you want. I can be found huddled on a couch with a blanket over me wondering why I bet against the Cowboys once again. Which brings me to the football.
  3. Three NFL games and no where to be. Everybody besides Chandler Bing likes watching football on Thanksgiving. The nostalgia is the same reason why we eat turkey even though we all secretly know that steak is 100 times better. It would be like Christmas without stockings. Or the 4th of July without fireworks.
  4. Black Friday – It’s pretty chill how most of us are off on a Friday and then have the weekend in front of us. In fact, Black Friday is sneakily the hottest thing in my life. The fact that we get 4 days to pretend to not have jobs is an amazing thing. Plus there is a bunch of meaningful college football on, leftovers that need to be eaten, and movies that need to be watched.
  5. It’s officially Christmas Season – Once Thanksgiving is over, you start to feel the Holiday cheer. Christmas music is now officially acceptable and so is everything that comes with it. Dust off the Home Alone DVDs, drink hot cocoa and make a list for Santa Claus. Anything and Everything delightful is allowed from that time until January 2nd.
  6. Finally, Thanksgiving is the best Holiday because it’s just far enough away from the worst months of the year. Christmas didn’t get the nod because it’s too close to the worst months of the year, January & February. When January hits, the Northeast is the most unpleasant place in the world. Seriously, the only redeeming thing about January or February is the NFL Playoffs. Even the beginning of March kind of sucks. So enjoy the best Holiday in the world. Eat a bunch, laugh a lot, drink responsibly, and do not forget to thank the Chefs who spend countless hours preparing the food.

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  1. Old School

    You have put together a great collection of what makes Thanksgiving the best holiday of the year. We should also take time to spend time with family and reflect on the on these people who continually provide us with blessings every day.


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