Should We Just Fast Forward To The Eagles vs. The Patriots In The Super Bowl?

The two teams I hate the most are the best teams in the NFL by a landslide. So should we just anoint both teams and put them in the Super Bowl right now?

Let me start we the AFC. After the Chiefs lost their 5th of 6 I am declaring them dead. Losing to the Bills shouldn’t be a problem especially at home and with the drama going on in Western New York. Alex Smith is now playing like the Alex Smith everyone has known his entire career. Andy Reid will stick with him the rest of the year while Patrick Mahomes lingers on the bench.

I don’t trust the Jags, Titans or or the Bills because of the QB play. None of those teams are going to Gillette and beating the Patriots in January. These are just the cold hard truths.

Everyone was hoping that the Steelers were “our fathers Steelers.” A team that played hard-nosed defense, caused turnovers, and broke fingers in piles. But that defense looked like garbage last night. When you give up 28 points to Brett Hundley you are trash, plain and simple. I hate to say it, but we might as well pencil in Belichick and Brady right now for the big game.

As for the NFC………

The Vikings, Saints, Rams and Falcons are all very good football teams. If you want to say the Panthers are very good, sure you can say that too. But the Philadelphia Eagles are phenomenal this year. Another week, another beat down. 1st in the league in scoring offense. 3rd in the league in scoring defense. Carson Wentz is already a God in Philadelphia. I want to hate on them but that would be unfair. They’re that fucking good.

I won’t pencil the Eagles in yet. But they are currently the best team in the NFL. I actually think they’re better than New England at this moment. But the playoffs are wonky. And because the Eagles play in an actual conference, anything can happen.

At the end of the day there is one thing I know for sure. Death is certain, taxes will be collected, and Tom Brady will be in another Super Bowl. Now let me excuse myself so I can go puke.


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