Should Giants Fans Boycott The Meadowlands Next Week vs. Dallas?

It has been approximately 24 hours since the benching of Eli Manning. This week the GMEN head to Oakland to play the Oakland Raiders. Hopefully they get spanked by 20, causing everyone involved to apologize to Eli by admitting they were never qualified at their job in the first place.

But, McAdoo is a pompous prick and Reese is still living off the Super Bowls of the past. So I doubt this will happen. As long as Geno Smith is starting for the GMEN, I want a boycott of the stadium completely. This includes getting free tickets unless you are gonna show up with #FireReese and #FireMcAdoo signs. And you know what? That little shit who dresses up as Ben Mcadoo can get out too!

But we should let the Raiders beat up on us. Then we should let the Cowboys come in and take over our stadium. Because as much as I hate the Cowboys, in my current state, I hate the Giants more.

So lets ban the MetLife for the upcoming future. Let Jon Mara know that if he wants to “initiate” a Manning benching for Geno Smith we will come for his pockets.

This season is such a disaster. I’m gonna go make some cocoa.

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