Should I Manage The Yankees or Coach The Giants?

Well well well. The best city in the world need a leader. In fact, they need two. One is to manage the best franchise in MLB, after an extremely successful year. The other is to turn around a depleted Giants team that doesn’t listen to their head coach.

I pride myself as a leader of people. If I had enough time in the day, I would be a pastor, but I decided I would go the sports route. So maybe it’s time to crank up the volume and start sending in my resume to these franchises. I mean Brian Cashman literally came out today saying “age wasn’t a factor” in the process of hiring the next guy. He went on to say he’s “open to hiring a manager with no experience at any level.”

Well guess what? I’m RIGHT here. Call me crazy, but I am an excellent communicator, great listener, have passion, and my enthusiasm on the enthusiasm meter is a 10. So why not me? Please do not tell me that, “you didn’t play sports, what do you know?”

I know the ins and outs of baseball and football. I study and edit film and most importantly, I know people better than they know themselves. Give me a chance. I’ll win you a Super Bowl. I’ll get the 28th championship. I know the media and will speak to them like a real New Yorker. At the very least get me in there to help hire these guys who lead the men on the field. Because McAdoo’s shit stinks and Cashman needs some guidance. And I don’t like to brag, but I smell like roses and direct like Martin Scorsese.

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