Flaherty & Cone Are Both Open To Managing In The Bronx & They Have My Blessing

A big story in the MLB world today is that John Flaherty and David Cone are open to managing for the Yankees.

Flash and Coney have been blessing us the past few seasons on YES as announcers. They do a really good job communicating to the fan what is going on in the game. And communication was the biggest reason that Girardi was said to be fired.

Catchers really do make the best managers. Joe Torre was a catcher. Joe Girardi was a catcher. There are reasons for this. Catchers are wired to have their mind on multiple things. They understand what’s going on with the pitching, what’s going on with certain defenses, and the status of the offense. So if Flaherty wants a shot at the job I have no problem with it at all.

As for Coney, he is known to be ahead of the game with saber-metrics. Some even go as far to call Cone a nerd the way he studies the game. That was the way he was perceived as an announcer. So I can’t even imagine how much preparation he would put into managing. In addition, he was a LEGIT pitcher for many years, and I love his temperament.

So instead of bringing in a random dude, take a shot on two guys who will be honest with the media, and someone the fans are comfortable with. They both have my blessing.

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