JLo Is Endorsing ARod as Yankees Manager

Well look what we have here. America’s hottest couple is sneakily trying to take over the world. First it was JLo on American Idol. She got super fit and started judging on the show and everyone realized how amazing she is. Then ARod made the best 180 of all time. He started getting Yankees fans to like him. Not for what he did on the field. Clearly, not for the money he made while he was in the Bronx. But for what he has become.

It was his charisma on television from the Fox Sports Pregame Show and Shark Tank that has everybody wanting to know what Alex is doing. Then he hit the JACKPOT. Jenny From the Block decided she was Team ARod. And when you get a ringing endorsement from JLO you listen, especially because she knows him right now better than anyone in this world.

Jenny is a Bronx girl through and through. She’s a 48-year old Yankees fan. She’s loved them for decades before she even knew Alex. So now my ears are starting to perk up. There is no doubt that Alex knows the game. I know I will get hate for this but what is the alternative after firing Joe Girardi? If anybody can actually answer that question with a serious answer I will stop mentioning Arod for this role. But I am #TEAMJROD and will continue to be until their love is proved wrong. I’m back on the boat considering AROD to manage the best franchise in sports. Hold my beer.

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