I’m Sad For Eli But I Was Already Dead Inside

2017. The year we were supposed to see Brady vs. Eli 3 in Super Bowl 52. Instead, it will be known as the year that Ben McAdoo murdered Eli Manning.

After 4 weeks, it was pretty apparent that this team was going nowhere. I demanded that we fold. That we #SuckForSaquon. And to be honest, I regret nothing.

However, I guess you can say you gotta be careful what you wish for. Odell got hurt the next week. Then Brandon Marshall went out. Then the defense stopped trying. And now they are benching my Lord and Savior Eli Manning for Geno Smith.

Well guess what? As much as Eli doesn’t deserve this, who really gives a fuck? I was already dead inside in early October. You want me to cry that Manning won’t be under center in a meaningless game vs. the Raiders? Keep waiting.

Eli Manning will be my first true love. Beating Brady will never be forgotten. I will not mourn his benching, because it is better to have started and won, then to have never started at all.

I hate Geno Smith. I have always hated him for his inability to keep the football. Whether he is fumbling it, throwing it to the other team, or getting punched by his own teammates, Smith never has proved to anyone that he was a leader.

At the end of the day, the starting QB for week 13 doesn’t matter. Geno Smith will never lead a team to a Super Bowl. The only people McAdoo pissed off was the fan-base. So he can kiss Eli’s rings on his way out, because he’s gonna be gone very soon.


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