We Ain’t Done Yet

I said on my Saturday Svlog on Instagram that we were going to win game 3. Scoffed at the idea of Charlie Morton beating us at home. We weren’t going to lose with CC on the mound, especially not with TheSportsChill Militia at the game.

Everything went swimmingly. CC proved once again that when we need him most he’s got our back. He has a 10-0 record when the Yankees lose the previous game. Tonight he pitched 6 beautiful innings. The guy is nails and when we get to game 7 it will be a little less nauseous having him on the mound.

It was crucial that the offense woke up. Todd Frazier’s dinger was magical. No one at the stadium thought it was out. But it just kept going and going and going. Girardi has said plenty of times in the past couple of weeks that Frazier is “the leader.” I’m starting to believe him.

Speaking of Joe, he stuck to his guns and left Aaron Judge in the two hole. And boy did that pay off. The 3 run blast was exactly what Judge needed. I doubt they show him another fastball for the rest of the ALCS but that one was HUGE. It gave us an 8-0 lead. Game was over. Or was it?

Betances came in the ninth inning and walked two batters. TECHNICALLY, the game was out of reach. But the fact that Chapman had to even warm up in the bullpen in case something went wrong is complete bullshit. Dellin cannot and will not pitch the rest of the postseason. It’s sad to see, but mechanics just aren’t there. After the two walks, Kahnle came in and eventually shut it down.

We need to turn the page because today is another must-win game. Sonny Gray vs. McCullers in OUR home. I think we have the slight pitching advantage, and with the bullpen rested we should be able to squeak out a W. Hopefully the fans show up early because we will need them BIG TIME. Have a great day, and LETS GO YANKEES.


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